Saturday, December 16, 2017

Moving and My EBTH Sale

If you are following my Instagram, you have definitely seen my new project Stone Ridge Cottage.  It's a turn of the century beach house that we are restoring. As you know, our kids are both in college now so we are saying goodbye to our beautiful Royal Barry Wills house in Wellesley and moving up to the beaches of Annisquam to begin our next chapter. 

We've been cleaning out and sorting what to take with us and what to keep in our new little condo in Wellesley. After 15 years we have so many treasures and memories, but we need to part with things that don't fit into the new house.  We contacted the folks at Everything But the House  and went live with our sale yesterday.  Here is the link: EBTH

Its an eclectic mix of things - like this antique leather Hat box with beaver and silk hat inside.  I used to display that on my side table in my family room.

Or these two silver plated Cloches and Trays from the fabulous Tara Shaw Maison line. They looked gorgeous in my beautiful pantry. 

The Willow Decor logo style Vintage Rocking horse - It stood proudly by the fireplace for many years.

These porch balusters hung in my very first beach house - remember the wood walls before I painted them white?

These antique hardware pieces I found at barn in New Hampshire. I always thought I'd add them to a cool piece of furniture, door, or cabinet.

This is one of four antique paper mache molds. I loved displaying them on a mantle or bookshelf

This antique weathervane was indoors for most of the time I had it - In my family room for years but it could look great in a garden.

There's two original Marilyn Mark paintings - she's a famous greeting card artist who painted the frames especially for me.  Plus many other paintings, lithographs, china, linens and even some vintage gowns and dresses. I'm a collector. I love each and every item and I hope these things all find people who love them as much as I do.  

The link to the sale is HERE
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Its crazy right now but by the spring I should  be moved in and beginning the decorating of the new house. Exciting times ahead. I hope you'll join me.
xo Gina